Black Friday 2013 Tshirts • 100 FREE!

Seriously. Any style. No restrictions.

black friday 2013 tshirts 100 free (seriously)

On the day of the year when every retailer is trying to out game each other, THE AFFAIR is offering the interweb’s best Black Friday 2013 Tshirts deal: 100% OFF any T-shirt for the first 100 customers!

That’s right, 100% OFF.
No minimum purchase.
No gimmicks.
No bullshit.

Just 100 absolutely free premium Black Friday 2013 Tshirts inspired by your favourite books up for grabs. The single caveat is a limit of one per customer (that’s only fair, right?).

And if you’re too slow and the 100 freebies are already gone, you can still grab a free T-shirt for 24 hours with the purchase of any other tee from our literature inspired range.

Please note that orders with multiple items will be ignored entirely (don’t be greedy). If you want to buy something else then please make a separate purchase.