The Affair 3D Action Figure
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Want to be immortalised as an action hero? 3D print yourself!

Who the hell doesn’t want an action figure of themselves? Think of all the bath-time fun you can have when you 3D print yourself…

Not only that, someone needs to send The Hollywood Wax Museum this technology. Perhaps then they’ll be able to make their outrageously shit wax figures look more realistic.

Another Japanese design studio Omote, in the hub of trendsetting Harajuku created a pop up store where people could do exactly that. All they had to do was get mapped by the three dimensional photography equipment and stand still for 15 minutes while scanners did their business. Then out popped a custom scale reproduction of you at either 10 or 20cm. Your very own Mini-Me to rap the worst song in history with in the comfort of your own home.

The exhibition has since closed, however not to be outdone, Makerbot have also opened a 21st century photo booth at their New York City store.

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