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Through the Looking Glass with Future Eyes

US-based scifi writer and inventor Brent Paul Pearson of Future Eyes is taking over where Albert Hofmann left off. No he hasn’t created a new hallucinogen. Well, not one to be ingested anyway…

Pearson is the addled weighty mind behind the Future Eyes spectacles made from laser-cut kaleidoscopic glass that, he hopes, will expand our minds through a deft display of “optical aerobics”.

Future Eyes 2 | THE AFFAIR

What are we blathering on about? Huh? You heard us. And no, we ain’t trippin’. Pearson perhaps is, but that doesn’t make his invention and the value of it any less important or impressive. Essentially, Pearson wants his Future Eyes glasses to open our minds up to its creative possibilities through freeing it from the everyday.

“Future Eyes asks you to increase your optical abilities, enhancing focus power and awareness. It also reminds you that the world responds to your imagination, which is the essence of change,” he explains.

Okay. We only half get it, but whatever. Bring that shit on.


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