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The ultimate meal in a can. Who said the apocalypse won’t be fun?

You’ve got ravioli, rib eye steak, local cheeses and some sweet action with a hazelnut latte to finish it off. Nom nom. Except this delicious feast is delivered in a single wobbling, 12-layer prism, with one mashed layer placed upon the other to create the ultimate meal in a can.

The ultimate meal in a can | THE AFFAIR

We’re dry-wretching over here. Seriously, if you’re not you need to check yo’self before you wreck yo’self. Look at that picture! That is fucking foul as fuck. See? It drives people to alliteration, not to mention swearing like a fucking trooper.

We can blame Kingston University student Chris Godfrey for this godawful mess called The 12 Course Meal in a Can.

Before you go and implore him “Whyyyyy?!”, we’ll tell you. Kingston is taking the piss out of our preoccupation with quality and mashed it with our need for convenience. And rightly so.

Hence the grotesque degustation menu pulverised and then wedged into the greatest post-apocalyptic meal in a can ever conceived. We knew we were gross, but shit.

Before you throw up in your mouth: The 12 Course Meal in a Can is not real. Kingston created one real deal for his dissertation. The can of quivering goodness is not meant to be eaten. It’s a critique of us and that is all.

Kingston, you’re a clever kid. Now put your powers to the use of good and step away from the food processor.


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