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Dishwasher Cooking FTW

Whether you’re feeling extra-special lazy or are just one of those folk who love a good two-in-one deal (admit it, who doesn’t?!), dishwasher cooking is about to become your new BFF.

Salmon, lasagna, asparagus, veal, poached pears – Italian food writer Lisa Casali has released a cookbook filled with dishwasher-friendly gems. And no, it’s not filled with mushy looking meal in a can shit, but food that actually looks like, erm, food.

Dishwasher cooking | THE AFFAIR

And for those who think whacking your dinner into the dishwasher has a 70s ring to it, you’re on the money. The Los Angeles Times printed the poached salmon á la lave-vaisselle (dishwasher cooking) recipe way back when, proving that whatever those 70s housewives were smoking had some resourceful additions to it.

But aside from sheer convenience and gimmick value, one of the best bits of this innovative cooking method is that you can cloak your laziness with good intentions. That’s right, dishwasher cooking allows you to pretend you’re an eco-warrior by cooking and washing your dishes simultaneously. *

Now get your lazy butt off the couch and get cookwashin’!


* Yeah yeah, so dishwashers aren’t a necessity to begin with. We didn’t say it was a good lie.


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