Updated Tshirt Cut for Summer - The Affair

Introducing the Summer cut

As you know, no two T-shirts are created equal.

Here at The Affair we pride ourselves on quality materials and craftsmanship to create the finest premium T-shirts from scratch. And we’re constantly thinking about every detail and how we can make it even better.

So it’s with great pleasure that we announce the first update to our bespoke cut in almost 3 years. We’ve updated the block with a few minor enhancements to make the best damn summer tee this side of Alpha Centauri -

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The Bookshelf BTS - The Affair
Books, Design, Furniture

The bookcase that we built.

There’s some pretty exciting goings on over at The Affair HQ.

Whilst we appear to have retained almost nothing from our high school woodwork days, we had an awesome weekend building shit.

You see our studio walls were looking a bit bleak save for some post it note ramblings. An exciting shoot is about to take place - and this provided the perfect opportunity for an idea we’d had in our brains to come to fruition: The Bookcase.

It started as a sketch on a piece of paper with a protractor, which then sent us to the hardware store for 3 hours, then solving complex trigonometric equations (possibly the first and last time we will use the scientific calculator on our iPhones). And whilst we considered changing our logo to the shape of an Ikea bookcase, we persevered, resulting in a 1500mm by 1500mm bookshelf housing up to 50 books.

Take a look at the construction of our latest pride and joy. #fuckyeahpowertools

The Bookshelf BTS - The Affair

The Bookshelf BTS - The Affair