06.05.2009 = pelfusion

25.02.2009 = tennygood FX Lab (KR)
“Design as that of a simple purchase process simplicity comes with inexpressible force. (Google translation)”

25.02.2009 = Men’s Health (DE)
“A real insider tip for cool shirts.”

24.02.2009 = divType
“Overall I think this is a pretty sweet and simple commerce site and have definitely pulled some ideas from this site to hopefully tie into my upcomming project.”

14.02.2009 = Typo Tees
“Quote by the existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre… available at The, a tee-shop with the most awesomest interface ever; be sure to check it out!”

17.11.2008 = Strange Fruits
“We simply love the 3D suggestion.”

31.10.2008 = Get Kempt

23.10.2008 = Klunk
“I got my ?Babylon Rocker’ one in the post the other day and to be quite frank it is the t-shirt equivalent of being kissed on the brain by God.”

22.10.2008 = Drop Knowledge
“Instead of stupid designs that favor style over substance, these shirts have style AND substance (not to mention that their website is super-slick).”

22.10.2008 = Surf Station
“Nice shirts. Great site.”

20.10.2008 = Tag Culture
“The Affair have distilled the essence of the statement [Sartre's quote "Hell is Other People"] with Parisian-inspired typography and iconography that is understated and quite glorious to behold.”

09.10.2008 = Format Mag
“Tired of gaudy, meaningless graphics and all-over prints on your clothing? Check out the-affair, a relatively young brand that makes “limited edition t-shirts for the thinking man.” The label has just released two new thought-provoking tees for fall that don’t just look good, they practically stimulate the mind. Entitled “L’Enfer c’est les Autres” and “Jazz Traitor”, both shirts feature gorgeous, full color graphics and have the stories behind their intricate designs printed within. Available now.”

09.10.2008 = Design Float

08.10.2008 = raydawg88
“Best T shirt website I think I’ve ever seen. Super simple and clean animation. Love it.”

28.09.2008 = Orwellian Pigs
“Possibly topping the PPP in the dystopian scale is the Miniluv shirt and hoodie from The Affair. As the website proudly proclaims, it specializes in “Shirts for the Thinking Man,” and this thinker is proudly going to be an owner of such a shirt.”

28.09.2008 = The Awesomer
“Rastafarian iconography, decrepit Soviet spacecraft and William Gibson all mix deliciously on this Babylon Rocker t-shirt by the-affair. Limited to 200, this is a brand that’s going places.”

27.09.2008 = Not for Paper
“Here is a unique way to browse and buy some great t-shirt designs. The site presentation is sophisticated and refreshingly simple. It’s also worth noting that it loads surprisingly fast for the number of highly-detailed images used.”

08.09.2008 = Irie

24.08.2008 = Tag Culture
“the designers at The-Affair may have just distilled the perfect blend of iconic representation and social commentary. The face of Jesus stares out from a white t-shirtt, but upon closer inspection it becomes apparent that the messianic likeness is formed from clusters of Islamic crescents. Subversive? Yes, in the best possible way. Potentially inflammatory or controversial? Well, isn’t that the point?”

06.08.2008 = Contagious Issue 15
“A competitor to Threadless? Superfly T-shirts on a superfly website. Welcome to the-affair.”

12.07.2008 = guilty dragon
“I usually hate flash website, but the aforementioned Gibson referance had piqued my interest. On this site in question were hosted some of the most awesome t-shirt designes I have ever seen. These things are majestic, and anyone who has read the books to which they are a referance too should really appriciate them.”

12.07.2008 = flash gordon (great name for a flash archive! BTW anyone know what “Hübscher” means?)

16.06.2008 = FUCC

13.06.2008 = FAIRspot
“With no physical presence on the high-street, our website had to mimic as closely as possible the actual experience of trying the shirt/s on.”

01.05.2008 = aeloa

22.04.2008 = le carnet

21.04.2008 = format
“The line is inspired by late night philosophical discussions over cigarettes and chardonnay.”

20.04.2008 = t-shirts around the internet
“interesting sophisticated shirts… are always well thought and balanced”

18.04.2008 = the boston herald
“Inspired by the nightmarish futures imagined by Orwell, William Gibson and others, these limited-edition tees are sly enough to pass under the radar of chic hipsters but witty enough to be picked up by fellow cyberpunks.”

10.04.2008 = exclusives

10.04.2008 = timuism
“They have clever shirts but what really caught my eye was the flash work.”

04.04.2008 = orik designs
“amazing interactive flash web design and t shirt design ( check out the highly controversial yet genius muslim jesus )”

03.04.2008 = pulpo

03.04.2008 = lost at e minor
“We love the range of prints created by graphic-tee fashion label, the-affair… which is why we’re stocking a selection of their t-shirts in the Lost At E Minor online store.”

02.04.2008 = lem-on
02.04.2008 = create or die

01.04.2008 = la pause créa
“Très belle boutique de tees ! Un design épuré, et très ergonomique.”

31.03.2008 = flylyf culture media
“The-affair was created by two guys trying to break as many rules as possible. Co-creators Zoltan Csaki and David Black have put together a very fresh and often provocative collection that is definitely worth a second look.”

31.03.2008 = patrick rijks
“Les t-shirts de The affair sont super sympas et le site vaut le détour !”
The site breaks away from that typical norm that most apparel sites and stores tend to follow… does a fantastic job of creating an interactive experience that is both clean and informative, one that consumers will not soon forget.”

31.03.2008 = pickbar

29.03.2008 = le club club

29.03.2008 = lancamento

20.03.2008 = t-shirt watch
“We’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again - coolest flash t-shirt site we’ve ever played with.”

20.03.2008 = fantastic bonanza
“What’s so amazing about these tees, however, is that I’ve only seen good ones…”

12.03.2008 = t-addict

12.03.2008 = cottonable
“The Affair is looking to be a great destination for literary-minded t-shirt fans… In Corto’s Crash, a line from Gibson’s Neuromancer comes to life, with huge text obscured by complex vectors. It’s almost a vintaged look, which is deeply appealing in a shirt about the future.”

08.03.2008 = Funkyduds

02.03.2008 = Styledash
“These guys aren’t throwing hearts and rainbows on their gear, they’re dropping knowledge… If you’re looking for John Grisham quotes you’ll have to take it elsewhere.”

28.02.2008 = Thrillist

20.02.2008 = Form Fifty Five
“Great little flash site”

18.02.2008 = The Serif

15.02.2008 = Reform Revolution

15.02.2008 = Change the Thought
“…if you like the idea of sporting something that ?looks’ trendy but references an issue, idea or book that you might feel strongly about then the line of t-shirts at The Affair were made just be for you. ”

18.10.2007 = Fresh Industrie
“(Muslim Jesus) is a very cool design… it’s a clever visual pun that makes the message much more poignant. Check it out on their equally impressively designed website.”

17.10.2007 = CoolHunting
“Out of East London, the-affair is not just another t-shirt label interested in fashion. They do a good job blending social commentary and design to create a statement that goes deeper than the typical tee.”

16.10.2007 = Old Parrs Head
“nice site - a great way of showing tshirts”

07.10.2007 = Design is Kinky
“Just starting out, but The Affair have their act together. Unique way of showing the Ts on their site also.”

06.10.2007 = Three Hundred and Sixty Five Shirts
“The label it self is a definite winner… their impressive flash site and detail, not only in the shirts, but also in product descriptions puts them a step ahead of most other labels. Also the printing quality is spot on.”

05.10.2007 = tshirtwatch
“I’ve been wanting to a ?best of’ category for site designs, I just haven’t gotten around to it. When I do, The Affair is hitting the top of the list… But every once in a while a shop get’s it all right. The Affair’s site is nothing short of beautiful. Simple, clean, usable and intuitive… And you know what, they design shirts as good as they do web sites.”

04.10.2007 = funkyduds
“(Muslim Jesus) made me tingle, then smile, then giggle, then pause a little and say “that is FUCKING awesome”. Something that is designed so slick and subtle but has such a sharp undertone.”

27.09.2007 = the graffik

29.09.2007 = death-by-tshirt
“at first glance their tshirts just look like… well, really cool tshirts. Look a little bit harder though, and you will see that they are actually inspired by topics of substance, and convey a good deal of social commentary”

27.09.2007 = the serif

27.09.2007 = omgtees
“The attention to detail is supreme - it’s like they’re selling sunseekers, not tshirts… The flash site has a real feeling that the designer has been set free, become his own client, and is using those great ideas no one else would pay for!”

27.09.2007 = phasetwo
“cool t-shirts and even cooler site”

26.09.2007 = lost at e minor
“More than just fashion, the-affair blends social commentary and design to create a statement that goes deeper than a typical tee. We’re also loving the interactive experience of the the-affair’s website, which gives a nice feel for the fit, fabric and prints.”

24.09.2007 = too much cyan
“I love the simplicity of the interface.”

24.09.2007 = jeff merrick
“Cool shirts, awesome website.”

22.09.2007 = brandish
“The Affair is taking a more controversial and, arguably, political stance in respect to their designs… two rad t-shirts.”

21.09.2007 = yayhooray
“this site is an example of well written copy!!”

21.09.2007 = notcot

12.09.2007 = tshirtisland

11.09.2007 = LFPUG

10.09.2007 = boredomisyourfault
“This should serve as a role model for all those shops that use tiny thumbnails and images that conceal more than they show. On your site, i can smell the fabric of the tees off the screen!”