The Affair Buttercup
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Buttercup’s second chance

Warning: feels alert.

Aside from the fact this is the most glorious looking duck we’ve ever seen (here we were thinking they turned brown post cute duckling phase). Buttercup (who is a male duck), was born in a high school biology lab with a backwards left foot. When the teachers presumably couldn’t deal with his gammy foot they shipped him off to a bird sanctuary.

The duck would have been doomed if it wasn’t for his buddy, Mike Garey who owns Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary where he now lives. Mike recommended the amputation which ultimately saved Buttercup’s life.  He then contacted Novacopy, a 3D printing company who then created a 3D CAD representation of the prosthetic foot, using Buttercups’ sister Molly as a model.

The technology is super exciting and the wee guy is so stoked with his new found ability to waddle (despite the fact he’s doesn’t exactly have a masculine name/his only mate appears to be a teddy with a pink bow tie).