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Mind Killer (Dune) <br/>Art PrintMind Killer (Dune) <br/>Art Print

Print inspired by Frank Herbert

Mind Killer (Dune)
Art Print

Mind Killer (Dune) <br/>Art Print

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.”


Frank Herbert (1965)

  • 50 X 70 Cm

£ 19.90

Art print inspired by Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Invented by the secretive Bene Gesserit nuns of Wallach IX in Frank Herbert’s classic Dune, the Litany Against Fear has been used over millennia to focus the mind in times of danger.

The principle is very simple. Fear can only be overcome by confronting it head-on. Shy away, and you become a useless hunk of meat at the mercy of the universe. So no matter your specific fear, the Litany is best seen as a challenge – a reminder that we are measured by our will to prevail.


• Three colour screen print
• Heavyweight 50% cotton paper (300 gsm)
• 50 x 70 cm / 19.5 x 27.5 inches
• White Paper

• Hand screened in East London
• Limited edition of 150