Poison Tree Wallpaper inspired by William Blake - The Affair
Poison Tree <br/>Wallpaper Poison Tree <br/>Wallpaper

Wallpaper inspired by William Blake

Poison Tree

Poison Tree <br/>Wallpaper

“In the morning glad I see;
My foe outstretched
beneath the tree.”

A Poison Tree

William Blake (1794)

Digital Wallpaper inspired by William Blake’s
A Poison Tree.

Cloaked in figurative language and religious metaphor, Blake’s poem was apparently written as a warning against the dangers of bottling up all those negative emotions.

Sound advice, but it works just as well as a recipe for scornful revenge.

So whether you have a stoic outlook on life, or you’re bitter and wish only to see your enemies wither and die, the Poison Tree is the shirt for you.


• Digital Wallpaper
• Designed in East London UK

Included screen resolutions -

• iPad 2/3/Mini
• iPhone 3/4/5