Absinthe (Green Goddess)Absinthe (Green Goddess)

Wallpaper inspired by Aleister Crowley

Absinthe (Green Goddess)

Absinthe (Green Goddess)

“Sip the icy opal; endure till all things change… till you become as gods, knowing both good and evil, and that they are not two but one.”

Absinthe: The Green Goddess

Aleister Crowley (1918)

One afternoon the wicked Mr. Crowley took a short break from his usual mystical ramblings to pen an obscure essay extolling the virtues of absinthe.

A strange combination of influences was at work that day in The Old Absinthe House, mainly dodgy black magic and mysteriously intoxicating spirits.

While some may think it a bad idea to mix the two, it worked for us and inspired the fine mash up of lusty art nouveau and occult symbology.

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