'Dorian Gray' iPad / iPhone - Inspired by Oscar Wilde - Digital Wallpaper
Dorian GrayDorian Gray

Wallpaper inspired by Oscar Wilde

Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray

“His beauty had been to him
but a mask, his youth
but a mockery.”

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

Before online profiles and avatars, those who wished to create a facade of respectability posed for daguerreotypes and oil paintings.

Between the witticisms, there’s a serious critique of a superficial society in Oscar Wilde’s classic, but somehow it only enhances the ultimate appeal of living a lifetime of sin with the face of an angel.

Our homage to Dorian Gray is a skin deep celebration of a debauched and immoral lifestyle.

Included screen resolutions -

• iPad 2
• iPad 3
• iPad Mini
• iPhone 3
• iPhone 4
• iPhone 5