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Testimonials from around the world

“I keep buying THE AFFAIR tees because they're wearable stories. Yes, they look great but they have something more to them: conversations.”
Mike Stenhouse
London, UK
“Tshirts that are so comfortable to wear that it’s as if they’re made of air, and whenever I wear one, someone always asks me where I got it from.”
Simon White
London, UK
“Sporting one commonly means I collect compliments... The fit’s perfect, the materials are the best I wear, and the service is exemplary.”
Matthew Dixon
Sherwood Park, CA
“The quality of the shirts is peerless, printed on the softest cotton that somehow fits so, so perfectly.”
Adrian Andreacchio
Sydney, Australia
“Your Tshirts increase the probability of meeting your one true soul mate!”
Michael Pflug
Köln, Germany