Fashioned by Literature

Late 2007 and a strange thing happened amidst the rubble of broken dreams and the boozers of East London. Some pilgrims to this savage land decided to pool their industry experience, raw talent and shamelessly egotistical aspirations. After much beard-stroking and arguing, the original literature-inspired brand was born.

We began The-Affair with a simple premise to recognise and target the discerning intellect of men who read.

Driven to action by the glut of bland streetwear, we are the result of a healthy love of reading mixed with a genetic loathing of dumb hiphop references.

Fashioned by Literature.

We believe in ...

Details / We print on our own premium custom blank refined over many years. 100% lightweight cotton, they keep their shape and softness for many years.

Narrative / Every design has its literary inspiration printed on the inside neck. So every time you step out, you’re primed for chatting about something other than the weather.
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